Tony Lancaster
Tony Lancaster

Tony Lancaster was born and raised in Jamaica. At 18, he embarked on a career in the Property
Casualty Insurance sector, spending the next 17 years in the U.K. before leaving London in
1996. In 2007, he founded The Insurance Centre (TIC) with his wife Kerry and colleague
Rosemae Penn Simms. TIC rapidly became the premier insurance broker in the Turks and Caicos
Islands, offering Risk Management services primarily to resorts and high-end villas.

“As I became more familiar with the resorts and villas here adding Realty services to my
professional palate seemed a natural progression and in 2014 Ozzie Simons and I established
Agua Atlantic Realty Services with the view of utilizing our long term local experience to
promote real estate sales and to put prospective investors in touch with the homes of their

Tony holds several qualifications, including an associate membership with the Chartered
Insurance Institute in London and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner status. He is dedicated to
serving the local community, having participated in several service and professional
organizations over the years. He’s a keen tennis player, but you’ll often find him Sunday
mornings on his Harley Davidson, biking through local routes with his biker group before
grabbing a coffee in Grace Bay.